Ask not what Identity can do for the Cloud, Ask what the Cloud can do for Identity.  It is now well established that identity is core to the success and security of cloud computing. But how can the power of the cloud transform the way we consume, manage and even think about identity?

Thanks to cloud computing, the world is getting more interconnected, instrumented and intelligent, and this will enable identity to create and deliver value in fundamentally new ways. In this session, we’ll explore some of these new and innovative capabilities that enterprises and individuals will benefit from thanks to cloud-powered identity and identity management.

Speaker Bio:

Nishant Kaushik, Chief Architect, Identropy Nishant is responsible for innovating and architecting Identropy’s various solution offerings. This usually involves lots of patient listening and gentle manipulation of those around him. He developed these powers over the course of 10+ years in the identity management industry architecting and delivering market leading products. Most recently he was Lead Strategist for Identity & Access Management at Oracle, where he was responsible for driving innovation in their industry leading identity management solutions. Prior to that he was Lead Architect at Thor Technologies, spearheading the creation of an industry leading IAM product that led to Thor’s acquisition by Oracle in 2005. Nishant, who holds a patent in the area of user provisioning, is a recognized thought leader in the identity management industry, regularly speaking at conferences and provoking discussion through his blog at blog.talkingidentity.com and on twitter (@NishantK). 4 out of 5 Identirati recommend that you follow him.

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