Date: May 15, 2013 1130-1PM

Topic: Data Loss Prevention for the Security Practitioner

DLP technologies are becoming more mature and capable. However, like any security technology, a technology-first or –only approach is doomed. In this presentation, we will examine a systemic approach to establishing a successful DLP program. We will also examine several best practices that help increase the odds of success for this very challenging initiative.

Speaker: John Otte, Cognizant

John is a seasoned Information Security and data protection professional with over 10 years of Systems Security Audit and controls experience. His vast experience includes over 20 years of Information Technology and engineering experience in the US Government, Department of Defense and the private sector. John has extensive experience with assisting power and other public utility companies with the assessment of their compliance with the Northern American Electric Reliability Corporations (NERC) standards for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). John has led several engagements for public utility companies to help them achieve and sustain compliance with these standards. John has also performed incident response and digital forensics work for a variety of commercial and government organizations. His investigation experience ranges from corporate misconduct to high profile criminal cases involving expert testimony.

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