Date: July 10, 1130-1PM

Topic: APT1: Then and Now

Mandiant is the industry leader in detecting and investigating advanced cyber attackers. The company tracks multiple threat actors and recently released a report on one such group it refers to as “APT1.” The report links APT1 to the 2nd Bureau of the People’s Liberation army (PLA) General staff Department’s (GsD) 3rd Department (总参三部二局), which is most commonly known by its Military unit Cover Designator (MuCD) as unit 61398 (61398部队). John will discuss the report and APT1 activities both prior to its releases as well as what Mandiant has seen to date.


Speaker: John Foscue, Associate Consultant, Mandiant

John Foscue is an Associate Consultant at Mandiant. He has extensive experience investigating multiple threat actors, including financially motivated attackers and the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). During his time at Mandiant, Mr. Foscuehas worked with the defense industrial base, the financial industry, Fortune 100 companies, and law enforcement, among others. His computer and information security background includes analysis of host and network-based indicators of compromise, disk forensics, and live response analysis.

Prior to joining Mandiant, Mr. Foscue worked at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services in the Analytic and Forensic Technology division. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California where he studied economics, accounting and digital forensics.

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