Date: June 12, 1130-1PM

Topic: Who is watching the code? Source Code Repo Anti-Tampering

Roughly one-third of US intellectual property value is the form of software, a third is in patents and other copyrighted materials, and the balance is in trade secrets. (Source: http://www.ipnav.com). Every company depends on proprietary software for competitive advantage, to improve customer service, to maximize profits, etc. Despite this, protection of code residing in source code repositories (repos) is surprisingly lax as evidenced by attacks initiated by nation states and malicious insiders to name just two attack vectors. In this presentation Joe will discuss the threats to repos, case studies of recent attacks and solutions specific to the malicious insider threat.


Speaker: Joe Segreti, Co-Founder, KoreLogic

Joe Segreti is a KoreLogic founder and has over 20 years of experience as a security and IT professional. Mr. Segreti has extensive experience in pen testing, has developed custom cracking tools and has worked closely with other industry experts to identify vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems. Prior to joining KoreLogic, Mr. Segreti served as Senior Consultant for META Security Group. Mr. Segreti also served as the Security Officer for United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). While at the SEC, Mr. Segreti was responsible for the design of the SEC’s security architecture for all systems including EDGAR (the SEC’s on-line filing system) and the SEC’s Internet site. Mr. Segreti also developed the SEC’s security policy, threat detection systems and incident response program. Prior to his work at the SEC, Mr. Segreti worked at the United States House of Representatives where he created and secured the House’s first Internet site.

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