Date: April 10, 2013 1130-1PM


Employees at companies all over the world have embraced the new breed of mobile devices and mobile applications that give them more personal productivity.   Businesses have realized this trend and are actively moving to enable greater business productivity on the very devices their employees are bringing into the workplace.  These new devices, new applications, and a “bring your own device approach” bring special challenges to IT security professionals.   This presentation is to discuss the business drivers of this new world, the specific security concerns that need to be addressed, and give some recommendations on how IT Security can successfully enable this greater productivity that their companies are begging for.


Mikel M. Draghici is a Senior Mobile Sales Engineer for Good Technology with 15 years of experience designing, developing and implementing solutions for computer security, forensic analysis and business applications with Fortune 500 companies and the Government sector.   Mr. Draghici has worked in a Sales and Marketing capacity to create compelling written arguments for solutions governed by federal mandates.  He has experience with bringing various solutions to the market and positioning them against competitors.  He has been involved with the deployment of technology and services to small and large federal organizations, including the Department of Defense.  Mr. Draghici graduated from the City College School of Architecture of New York with a Bachelor of Architecture and an Engineering minor.  He is a CISSP, EnCe and has several patents pending.

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